Why account for your Carbon Footprint?

The Carbon Footprint of an Organization is the sum of all direct and indirect emissions of Greenhouse Gases produced as a consequence of its activity.



Quantifying the Carbon Footprint is the first step towards its reduction. Identifying the sources of your GHG emissions and quantifying them will allow you to understand the impact your Organization is having on climate change. Understanding these findings will help you to identify and prioritize the measures to reduce your emissions and obtain cost savings.

Accounting for your Carbon Footprint implies the commitment to reduce your emissions and the involvement of all stakeholders, internal and external, by communicating in an open and transparent manner the measures developed.

The two main reasons for Quantifying your Carbon Footprint are:

  • Getting to know the sources for your carbon emissions allows you to establish a thorough plan to reduce your emissions over time.
  • The Quantification and Reduction of the Carbon emissions allow you to Offset your emissions by acquiring carbon credits from a certified Offset Project and be certified as a Climate Neutral Organization.


In the near future all Organizations will have to Quantify their GHG emissions or, because this information will become part of the risk assessment process applied by for instance credit institutions, or because they will be obliged to report due to requirements from their clients who are part of the mandatory GHG reporting programs.