Erase your Carbon Footprint

The Carbon Footprint of an Organization is the sum of GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emissions resulting from its activity


Quantifying the GHG emissions will help your Organization to understand which are the main drivers, causing the emissions, how your Organization contributes to global emissions and which solutions there are to reduce your Company’s Carbon Footprint.

Offset your Carbon Footprint and obtain the


 Develop a strategy and plan to reduce the Carbon Emissions. We help you to Quantify your Organization’s Carbon Footprint, develop and implement measures to Reduce GHG emissions, identify and support a Carbon Offset Project to Compensate the emissions you cannot yet reduce and obtain the Certification of your Organization as Climate Neutral. As a Climate Neutral Organization it is important for you to develop a Communication strategy taking a stance as a proactive player in the fight against global warming. We recommend to join the United Nation’s initiative Climate Neutral Now.

“Global Warming isn’t a prediction, it’s happening now. Adding O2 to the air is like throwing another blanket on the bed.”


                        James Hansen


What are the benefits for your Organization in Quantifying the Carbon Footprint?

  • Cost Reduction and increase of operational efficiency.
  • Be prepared for future legal changes on carbon emissions.
  • Select your suppliers based on their Carbon Footprint.
  • Explore new business opportunities for your Climate Neutral products or services.
  • Increase sales and client loyalty by offering Climate Neutral products and services.
  • Differentiate your Organization as Climate Neutral amongst clients and stakeholders.
  • Be recognized as a front-runner on Climate Protection.
  • Improve your rating as Climate Neutral Company


As more and more Organizations Quantify their GHG emissions, the demand for Climate Neutral products, services and Organizations will increase. It is time to position your Organization!


The example of

Coca-Cola Company


After working extensively with its bottling plants in innumerous workshops on reducing GHG emissions identifying Climate Protection measures, the Coca-Cola Company realized that working on the reduction of its CO2 Emissions substantial cost reductions along its value chain are being triggered.

In seven years, the Coca-Cola Company achieved cost savings amounting to 900 million US Dollar, by increasing energy efficiency and switching to green energy sources. (Source: “The 3% solution: Driving Profits Through Carbon Reduction, WWF / CDP, 2013”)



1 – Quantifying the Carbon Footprint

Practicing Social Corporate Responsibility became a necessity. Your Organization is probably part of a value chain, which in the very near future will be obliged to Quantify and Manage its emissions. Be a front-runner! All Organizations need to Quantify their CO2 emissions because you can´t manage what you don’t know.

2 – Strategy to Reduce Emissions

The strive to Reduce GHG emissions also leads in most cases to significant Cost Reductions mainly related to energy consumption. Electric mobility, Renewable Energies and Electric Efficiency are some of the most frequent solutions. 

2 – Offsetting Solutions

Most likely the measures adopted to Reduce the Quantified emissions will not allow your Organization to achieve Climate Neutrality immediately. It will therefore be necessary to establish a plan to Compensate the part of emissions which cannot be avoided yet by the Reduction strategy your Organization has developed. Acquiring Carbon Credits certified by one of the internationally recognized standards, such as Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard or the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard will allow your Organization to be certified as Climate Neutral.  


Take action and position your Organization as a Climate Neutral Leader!